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If you decide to study for a Cambridge English exam, or to get a job overseas where you'll need to speak English, you'll need to master the art of small talk, aka conversation skills, in English. If you're working for an English company, small talk can help you connect with people and to make friends.

The trick is to get used to being able to quickly think of a couple of sentences and relate it to your personal experience, so come across as authentic. Usually that's enough for a conversation starter! If you're in a Cambridge Exam, the questions in Part I only require 2 or 3 sentences at most and the ones in Part 4 may also require you to be ready to have a discussion with your exam partner, in which case you then need to be able to think of a suitable question after your 2 or 3 sentences... Practice makes perfect.

Check out the conversation starters below—what would you say to these questions? If you want a bigger challenge, start your stopwatch and time yourself. Can you say two sentences in 30 seconds that make sense? Don't worry if you find it hard to do—that's normal at first!

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