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Test your English Grammar and vocabulary skills

I started The Daily Gap challenge for my more advanced students (B2 and above) as they were finding it really difficult to learn and remember prepositions, vocabulary and tenses, especially for their Cambridge English exam. The Daily Gap is a multiple choice style quiz for you to check how well you know your English vocabulary and grammar, including prepositions, verb forms and words that are easily confused or 'false friends'. If you're preparing for B2, C1 or C2 then this is a good way to get practice of some of the types of sentences that might come up and it's so satisfying when you get 100%!

This is the landing page for all the Daily Gap tests I've created, organised in blocks of 6 questions per page. If you'd like to see a new question every day, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get these. Otherwise check back here once a week for a new test.





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