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I'm a qualified and experienced native British English Language teacher, with more than 11 years' experience in business, recruitment and management.



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If you'd like to have a chat with me, to talk about how I can help you, or to ask me questions about my teaching style, I offer a free 30-minute consultation. You can contact me via my contact form.

I get to know you, really well, and use mentoring techniques to reflect back and reveal to you what your talents and desires are, and to be able to visualise the path to developing your true potential.

I help both native English speakers and non-native speakers apply for courses and jobs in the UK or for companies and universities where English is a requirement.

As well as writing I also help with fluency and pronunciation as well as accent reduction where this is affecting communication.

I'VE Worked in a variety of fields, from law, to management, publishing, software development, and in sales, as well as being a photographer and videographer and website developer.

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£32 for 1 hour


If you don't want to commit to a package or would like to try a lesson with me, I offer the first session at a discounted price of £29 for 1 hour. The price is the same, whether you're applying for a job, or need help with writing or grammar for your university course, or if you simply need someone to listen to you so you can find greater clarity on a problem or situation you need help with. And then if you decide to continue with coaching or classes for your next steps, we can do that too!

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Five sessions will give most people a great head start in applying for jobs, with a great CV, cover letter or a Linkedin profile or interview practice sessions.

Ten sessions allows you to prepare fully for interviews, as well as having a tailored and personalised CV, cover letter and Linkedin profile.

You'll get more out of booking a package of sessions (plus it's cheaper) but if you prefer, you can purchase individual hours as and when you need them.

£380 for x10 sessions (£38 p.h)

£225 for x5 sessions (£45 p.h.)

from £50 per hour (x1 session)

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What I coach, mentor and teach...


personal Happiness and fulfilment

English language holidays and retreats

CV and cover letter writing

building self-esteem and confidence

Clarity on difficult situations

Video presentations (for jobs)

Linkedin profile writing

social and communication skills

interview preparation

sense of purpose and goal setting

Portfolio website design and creation

public speaking and giving presentations

studying in english universities


So are you an English teacher, or a coach, or both?


I'm a qualified and experienced English language teacher, who specialises in improving spoken English, especially fluency and pronunciation. I've also got more than 18 years' experience of working in business, mentoring and developing talented and highly technical staff to be the best they could be. This means I'm ideally and uniquely placed to help non-native English speakers get ahead in life and work as well.

Do you only help people who are looking for jobs?


No—I'm a coach who can help anyone who needs someone to mentor them; I listen and reflect back so you can see clearly how to deal with your situation, whatever it might be. Maybe you're having difficulties at work, or achieving what you want, or would like to have a better work/life balance. I'm here for anyone who needs coaching or mentoring.

Do you only help non-native English speakers?


Need someone to listen to you and let you talk through a problem or challenge, so you can feel confident to make your own decisions? Or someone to reflect back at you your truth and talents so you can see clearly what you want to do?

No—I've worked with people of all nationalities—English and non-native English speakers from countries all over the world. I'm happy to help anyone who needs it, regardless of whatever race, religion, sex or age you may be.

—Bob ProctOr

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you... ”

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