Immerse yourself in the English countryside and learn English

Travel to the UK and learn English while having a great time...

Maybe you don’t like the idea of learning English in a large class, and want to feel you can take time out on your own if you want?

Or maybe you left school a while ago and don’t fancy being the only person who isn’t a teenager? Or you simply want to be able to choose when and what to study, when to be alone, and what to do in your free time?

I believe holidays should be fun, and that when you’re on holiday you should be doing things you enjoy, having a break, even if you know the main reason for travelling to the UK is to improve your English.

Taking a course at a language school isn’t right for everyone, especially if you want to make sure you’re not picking up bad habits from other non-native speakers.

Holidays tailored to your interests and your language needs

I offer one-to-one or small groups (two or three students) in some of the most beautiful locations in the UK, by the sea, in the countryside, or in the mountains. Most language schools are based in large cities and towns, but I know many people who really don’t enjoy city holidays and would rather go somewhere on the Cornwall, Devon or Welsh coast, or perhaps in the wild and unspoilt landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

Surfing or SUP by the sea?
Walking in the countryside?
Photographing puffins, red squirrels and Highland cows?
Watching waves in the Outer Hebrides or Orkney?

Wherever we go, you’ll be somewhere completely different and special.

What to do in your free time


Where to go...


Learn English in Marazion, Cornwall

I can suggest activities and trips I think you'll love, or you can tell me what you'd like to do—it's your holiday!

What you'd like to eat


If you have any specific dietary requirements, I'll take this into account.

I can offer recommendations about places I think you'll love, based on what you like and your personality.

Enjoy British food on holiday

How many lessons you'd like to have...


You can choose how many hours per day or week, when to have lessons and if you want to have days off for excursions and trips.

You can also choose how much personal study time you'd like to have.


When and how long...

What you can expect...

Beautiful landscapes and places to stay

Travel and learn English on the Devon and Cornish coast

Usually language schools place you with a host family, which doesn’t suit people who like time alone or who find it hard to learn with too many people around.

I specialise in finding places to stay that are beautiful, calm and relaxing to be in, giving you the peace to relax and the space to study and learn English at your pace.

Tailor made courses prepared by a qualified teacher

English courses 'Made for you'...

Before you come to the UK we’ll discuss your language learning goals and I’ll create a personalised teaching programme for your course.

You can choose how many hours of lessons you have each day, but generally students like to have three hours of dedicated tuition, some time for studying alone, and then time spent having fun but speaking English at the same time, as well as some downtime to relax and recharge.

OR I can come to you…

If for any reason you can’t or don’t want to come to the UK, but still need a personalised English course, I can come to your country instead, or another country that you want to visit. I offer this option to students I've been teaching regularly and know well.

This works really well if post-Covid, you don’t feel comfortable travelling outside your own country.

More about one-to-one English language Holidays in the UK...

How much does it cost?

Who am I?

As your holiday is unique to you, you’ll receive a personalised quote for your accommodation and classes, based on what you ask for.

I’m a qualified and experienced British English teacher who’s been a teacher since 1991 as well as having extensive business experience, especially working in project management, recruitment and interviewing, publishing, law and digital media. I’m also a professional videographer, and have also used video as a teaching tool as well, providing you with a unique learning experience—and it’s great fun too!

Are you studying for Cambridge exams (FCE B2, CAE C1 and CPE C2 or IELTS) and feel you need intensive speaking practice in order to pass with the best grade possible? Then I’m the ideal teacher for you.

Or if you need to focus on English for your current job, or for finding a new job. I can help you prepare the perfect CV, amazing cover letters and a Linkedin profile to attract the right employers for you.

What's the next step?

I recommend a free online consultation with me to discuss what sort of holiday you’d like, along with your budget and then I can send you different price options to choose from.

I recommend you take at least one class with me as well so we can get to know each other so you can feel reassured that I’m the right teacher for you. I also offer discounted lessons if you’d like to try my classes first before booking your holiday.

Not sure what you need, or would like to have a chat with me first, to find out how I can help you? Please get in touch with me via my contact form.