Learn and test your English outside the classroom

I put together these games, tests and resources after teaching intermediate and advanced students from around the world over many years, and knowing what their most common mistakes were.

If you're studying for a Cambridge English exam, or looking for a job or to study overseas, or just need to improve your English, why not check them out...and please do tell me what you think of these, and let me know if you have suggestions for new stuff!

Tests, Videos, and ideas to reinforce your english language learning

Improve your English and have fun

Want to test or improve your English skills?

Every day I release a new multiple choice gap-fill question on social media to test your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.

Learn English phonetics and how to pronounce words with my short 'how-to' videos.

Find starting a conversation in English difficult? Try my 'small talk' questions to improve your English speaking.

Choose from one of the topics and practice your English grammar, vocabulary and pronuncation skills....

Ready for a challenge? Try 'What's the Word' to improve your English skills in grammar and vocabulary.

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