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Pass your Cambridge exam and study, work and travel—with a qualified and experienced expert

Are you thinking about taking the Cambridge B2 (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) or C2 Advanced (CPE) exam?

Maybe you need it to confirm your level for your job or in order to study at an overseas college or university? Passing a Cambridge exam proves that you have the language skills required for academic or professional life and they can increase your chances of getting your dream job or promotion, or perhaps to change careers.

Regardless of whether you want to do the exams for work, or to postgraduate or PhD programmes, you’ll learn skills and techniques that can help you study or work better.

If you’ve been learning English for a while, studying for a recognised exam can also give you a focus, as well as increased confidence.

Learn English and prepare for your Cambridge English exams with a qualified and experienced British teacher

One-to-One online classes to focus on speaking skills

In my experience, students who are motivated and willing to regularly put in time to practice and study, and who enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and watching TV in English are off to a great start.

But what they need is help with speaking accurately and fluently, and expert help with the strategies to do well in the exams.

Maybe you’d really like regular speaking practice, especially if you’re not living in an English-speaking country?

There are language schools that offer online courses but generally you’ll be in a class of 10+ students and most of your speaking practice will be with other non-native speakers.

Then I’m ideal for you, as you’ll have one-to-one classes where you’ll only hear native British English and you'll have the most opportunities to speak and build your confidence in speaking English fluently and correctly.

Improve your accuracy, grammar and vocabulary as well as work and study skills

Improve your accuracy, grammar and vocabulary as well as work and study skills

I’ve found that students who study with me get a greater awareness of how to structure their writing, not just in English but in their own language!

I can help improve your skills in:

—Writing essays, letters, reports, reviews and proposals that are structured well and get the results you want

—Being able to listen in a focused way and ask relevant questions

—Reading a variety of different texts and books on different subjects

—Being able to communicate their opinions well as well as how to collaborate with others in English

How I can help you, as an expert qualified and experienced native British teacher

I can help you by:

—Giving you the exam techniques and strategies you’ll need to ace the exam

—Providing you with lots of real practice examples so you are fully prepared

—Developing your ability to speak confidently on a wide range of topics

—Improving your writing skills so you write in a well-structured way, using appropriate styles and language to get the best marks

Do the Cambridge placement test to check your level

Which Cambridge exam is right for you?

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Why not download and try a sample exam for the level you’re interested in? But don't worry if you don't do well the first time—this is normal!

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If you’ve already downloaded a ‘mock’ exam, you can tell me where you feel you need the most help in order to pass.

I’ll give you advice on where I feel I could help you, how long you may need to prepare for the exam and then you can decide if you’d like to sign up for online English classes with me.

I’ll also give you advice on what books I feel would be most helpful for you, as well as details of other resources you can use to help you study

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